The opium ball room

And we stretched our bodies on the sheets
Dreaming of sirens, ruins and oceans
We gathered weary chimeras under our lids
We were two cobras, we danced for the snake charmer.

And we were ungodly in that night
Imprinting my body on yours
We gathered memories under our lips
We were a man and a woman, we tangoed.

And we shouted our dreams to the world
Carrying our burden of pride
We gathered tragedies under our fists
We were soldiers, we were marching.

And we sailed on our bodies
Loving the night between the days
We gathered decades under our skin
We were old, but still we danced.

And we winged through corridors of oblivion
Burning from the inside
We gathered shadows under our eyes
We were brave, we danced until the end.

Then, we awoke…

~ de Diana pe martie 2, 2009.

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